Pingback Generator

This Page generates Ping- and Trackbacks for WordPress and other Websites.

What’s a Pingback

A Pingback is something which tells other Websites, that you mentioned their Article in one of your Blog posts. Then your Link can get posted as a Comment on their Article.

But not every Website or Program is capable of sending those (Social Media, for Example).

This is where this Website comes in place. It aggregates RSS Feeds and keep the original Link as the source’s Link. So it doesn’t even list, that it had been sent by this site.

We aggregate your RSS Feed and keep the original title, link, and Content. Posts older than one Day will be deleted to keep it clean.

To do that, it uses

  • YunoHost
  • WordPress
  • Tiny Tiny RSS (to Combine all Feeds)
  • WPeMatico (WP Plugin)
  • Auto Prune Posts (WP Plugin)

If you want your RSS Feed integrated in this Website, please mail it to this Address: I can’t use a Form here, because I don’t know how to combine it with Tiny Tiny RSS.

If you don’t have an RSS Feed, or it doesn’t show the full content (and therefore not all included Links), we can try to generate one with RSS-Bridge.

We also Ping other Services like Google. That improves your listings, as they should appear on Search Engines faster.
We also provide a list of those links on “more information”.